Inshot Vs. Alight Motion

As a video and advanced mobile photo editing lover, working on your favorite projects on software that meets all your requirements, even using only an Android device, is an exciting and enjoyable experience. But there is a problem: Which editing software is the best for your projects? Choosing the correct editing software with all the required features is very important, and it must fit all your needs, including premium features, no watermarks, etc.

Based on my experience and testing as an Android user, I have found two of the best video editing software: Inshot Vs. Alight Motion. Both have many features and unlimited preset filters. My favorite editing software is Inshot Pro because of its user-friendly interface and free version for Android users with pro unlocked and no watermark.

I am excited to share in-depth knowledge by comparing Inshot vs. Alight Motion so that you can better understand the software. You can download the latest Pro Editing software from my official site above for free, and it has all the premium features unlocked for Android.

Alight Vs. Alight Motion
Inshot Vs. Alight Motion

Inshot Vs. Alight Motion Comparision

Here, I list these two popular mobile video editing software to help you better understand them before downloading them on Android and PC Desktops. Inshot Pro is more user-friendly and has advanced features with no watermark. You should read it if you’d like to learn more about comparing them.

  • Inshot Pro
  • Alight Motion

Inshot Pro

Inshot Pro is a well-known mobile video and photo editing tool with numerous unique filters and additional capabilities—the Inshot. Inc. team created one of the most excellent video editing apps for smartphones. You can get this video editing software from our official website using the download button link above. Start editing your short videos or YouTube video projects using Inshot Pro.

For those looking for incredible capabilities like filters, video effects, trimming, merging, and slideshow creation, Inshot is the ideal video editing software. Remember to download the Pro Unlocked version of the Inshot Pro.

Inshot Pro Features:

The most common features of the Inshot Pro are here, which you will experience after downloading the software above.

  • Free to use.
  • You can edit videos anywhere.
  • No Watermark.
  • User-Friendly interface.
  • Unlimited presets and filters.

Pros and Cons of Inshot Pro:

In my video editing journey using Inshot Pro, I found this App unique, but unfortunately, this software has some Pros and Cons that I have listed below for you. Check them all below:


  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Premium unlocked
  • No Watermark
  • Light Weight in Size
  • Provides Free Trial
  • Can Export 4K Quality Projects


  • Need More Free Space
  • Basics Version have adds
  • Requires Internet Connection on the PC version

Inshot Requirements:

Here are some basic requirements before downloading the Inshot Pro on your devices to run the application smoothly. Check them below:

  • For Android: Version 5.0 or above.
  • For iOS: Version 11.0 or above.
  • Storage: You Need at least 1GB of storage.
  1. Alightmotion

AlightMotion is the best option for the designer lover who can understand graphics, animations, and keyframes while editing videos and visual animations. Alightmotion Pro is famous for its animation features and all-in-one video editing software for mobile devices. To use Alightmotion Pro, you need to understand the software interface. 

The only well-known, in-demand mobile editing program for keyframe animation with visual effects is Alight Motion Mod Apk. After installing the pro apk, the app’s multi-layer support system will enable you to create visual animations for free. You can make vector graphics, animation projects, and logos with Alight Motion.

Alight Motion Features:

I have listed some features of the Alight Motion that you can experience after installing the app from any app store. Check them below:

  • Import Any Fonts
  • Vector Graphics
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Advanced Timeline
  • Multiple Layers

Requirements of Alight Motion

To install Alight Motion on your Android phone and ensure it functions properly, you must fulfil the following requirements for apk installation.

Operating System:

You must have a minimum of Android 6.0 or later.


02 GB of RAM (Minimum), 4 GB (Recommended).


It requires an extra 10 GB of minimum free space storage on your mobile.

Which one is the best Software?

It first depends on your needs and skills and which software suits you to edit your videos as a video or graphics animation editor. Inshot Pro is free and easy-to-use software from anywhere on your Android or PC desktop without paying any extra cost for the software. You will never face any watermark issues on your projects.

You can easily create short videos using Inshot on your mobile phone only. On the other hand, Alightmotion is heavy editing software that is only recommended for Pro users who can understand keyframes, animation, or visual effects. It has a monthly fee, and you must also be an extra expert when using it.

Download And Installing Software

When downloading the software and using it for your personal & professional projects, you can follow the main steps for downloading the application.

Step 1: In the first step, download the software from the site download button and locate it on your “file manager”

Step 2: Go to settings and turn on the “Unknown sources” option on your device if you are facing an error while installing the APK file.

Step 3: After completing every step I’ve listed here, relax and watch for the installation process to be finished.

Step 4: When the installation is completed, open the software and continue your editing process.


In the Detailed Article comparing Inshot vs. Alight motion, I have covered both software features and advantages and disadvantages. Inshot and Alightmotion are both the best editing applications for Android Phones. With AI video editing, Inshot Pro provides all editing features, like short videos and image designs. It is my personally recommended video editing and user-friendly software. You must install this application to use it in your projects.

On the other hand,  Alightmotion is also an editing application, but its features are paid, and it does not provide a free trial. For your editing projects, I recommend Inshot because this app offers a free trial and editing features without a watermark. Download it today and enjoy your editing like a pro.

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