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As a video editor on PC or mobile, we always try to find the best video editing application with all premium features as per our needs. We recommend using the Inshot Pro app, which you can get from our official site. Inshot is a free mobile video editing apk with all-in-one editing features.

Just like Inshot, we also have many other editing apps for mobile to use in your editing work, and you can experience them to set up your creativity to the next level. Check out these Inshot Alternatives for you to download and explore their features.

Before going into the deep dive information covered in the article, we are extremely happy to announce we are giving you detailed information about Inshot Pro Alternatives in 2024; these alternatives are free to use, and you can explore them easily as an editing lover.

Best Inshot Alternatives

What is Inshot Pro?

Inshot is a well-known mobile app that allows editing videos and photos. It has various exclusive filters, and other features have helped make it a popular choice among users. Inshot offers a variety of powerful tools for video editing, including filters, effects, trimming, merging, and slideshow creation. 

Main Features of Inshot

Following are some of the main features of Inshot’s latest version, which you can download from our website. Here are some premium features:

  • Attractive Graphics
  • Sound Effects
  • Easy Controls
  • Add Text 
  • Video Sharing
  • Import Photos & Videos

Best Inshot Alternatives

Creating high-quality videos continuously can be challenging, particularly if you use an app to trim, cut, and edit them. However, powerful mobile video editing apps like InShot have made it easier for people to create and share videos while on the move.  Here are the top five alternatives to InShot video editor and their advantages and disadvantages. Doing so lets you make an informed choice based on your needs and workflow

  • Capcut
  • Picsart
  • Lightroom
  • Alight Motion
  • VN Video Editor


Cap Cut 1 1

CapCut is an official TikTok video editor app that’s free to use. Its features include free presets from creators, music, and transition effects. It’s a universal and easy-to-use video editor that lets you merge short videos, add music, change backgrounds, and add stickers to create unique content.

Features of CapCut APK

Here are some of the latest features of the Capcut Pro app for you to Explore and Experience.

  • Simple interface
  • 4k Video Quality
  • Removing Background 
  • Catchy Fonts
  • Text and Stickers
  • Filters And Effects
Pros of Capcut ProCons of Capcut Pro
Easy to UseThere is a 15-minute time limit for video editing.
Trending Features and FiltersYou cannot add more than one audio track to a video.
No Watermark in the Pro VersionUnfortunately, the landscape mode option is not currently available.
There are many templates available to use.Removing backgrounds is a challenging task.


PicsArt 1 2
Picsart 1

PicsArt is a popular Android photo editing app in 2024, thanks to its incredible AI features and advanced photo editing capabilities. However, it’s not just limited to photo editing; with the help of PicsArt AI Editor, you can design social media posts, banners, and even professional-level logos.

Picsart Apk Features

Let’s discuss the PicsArt Ai Photo Editor Premium Exclusive features you can explore using Picsart Pro.

  • Ads Free 
  • Remixing Tool
  • User-friendly interface
  • Remove Background
  • Add Stickers & Text


  • Easy to Use Interface
  • All in one Editing App
  • Photo editing feature


  • Need More Free Space
  • Watermark on Pic in Free Version
  • Basics Version have adds

Light Room

Light Room

Lightroom is a free photo editing tool that provides professional features and presets to enhance your photos, including cinematic and 4K HD editing options. Google Play Store users can download Adobe Lightroom to edit photos and videos

Features Of Adobe Lightroom APK

Here are the premium features of the Lightroom PRO that you will experience after downloading it from the Google Play Store in 2024.

  • Preset and Filters
  • User Friendly
  • Color Gradients
  • Cloud Storage
  • Advanced Tools
  • Premium Unlocked
Pros of LightroomCons of Lightroom
Extra Storage Available in Lightroom.It makes your phone hang sometimes
Boosts Camera Extra Feature Available.Lightroom Mobile uses a lot of RAM
Easy to Use for any of you.It is not possible to convert images into printing files.

Alight Motion

Alight Motion 2
alight motion 1

Alight Motion is an extreme mobile application that facilitates professional-grade motion design. With this app, you can create videos with high-quality animation, motion graphics, and visual effects. It offers support for multiple layers of graphics, video, and audio and also has a library of vector shapes, custom vector illustrations, and freehand illustrations. 

Main Features of Alight Motion

Here are the Main Features of the Alight Motion Apk, another alternative to the Inshot Apk.

  • Multiple Layer Graphics
  • Hundreds of visual effects
  • keyframe animation
  •  Export files in high-quality
  • The gradient fill effect
  • Timelines for media formats


  • Simple, clean, and user-friendly interface
  • Fluid animation support
  • Runs smoothly on every device platform.


  • Issues with Tiles and Key Frames
  • Occasional bugs and crashes during editing
  • Freezing of Tiles and Key Frames
  • Occasional lags when editing audio.

VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor 2
vn video editor

VN Editor is a mobile video editing app that helps users create videos that look professional. Here are some of the top features of VN Pro Video Editor:

  • Video trimming
  • Multi-layer editing
  • Music and sound effects
  • Speed adjustment
  • Video compression
  • Share to social media


  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of editing tools and effects
  • Intuitive timeline editor
  • High-quality export options
  • Built-in music library.


  • Watermark on the free version
  • Limited advanced editing features
  • Rare performance issues.


In this article above we have discussed, Inshot Pro Alternatives for you to download and explore their features and advantages and disadvantages, As a video editor you definitely love to enjoy and try different editing software and for that, you were confused in choosing the best alternatives of editing application but in this article, your this confusion is solved now.

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