How To Put Two Videos Side By Side In Inshot?

Inshot is an excellent video editing application that allows users to customize their videos magnificently. There might be cases when you must put two videos side by side. Imagine you don’t know how to put two videos side by side in an inshot. 

You can easily upload two or more videos simultaneously and combine them using different techniques and tools in inshot. You can do it using two different methods. These methods of using inshot for putting two videos side by side are discussed thoroughly in this guide.

Methods For Putting Two Videos Side By Side In Inshot?

Two different methods of putting two videos side by side in inshot are given below: 

Method 1: Using Picture-in-Picture And Mask

This method is ideal if you want to edit the video professionally and want full control over masking and adjustment.  

Start a new project:

  • Open the app.
  • Click on the video to upload your video.
  • Click on the photo to set the background. 
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Adjust canvas size: You can choose any size format by clicking the aspect ratio icon. The recommended size is 16:9, as it adjusts both videos easily.

Mute the base video: If you want to remove audio from the video, click on the volume icon and adjust the volume to zero.

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Add the first video in PIP: Tap on PIP to upload the second video. It will show up in the center of the canvas. 

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Resize and position: You can use the dragging movements and pinch-to-zoom to adjust and position and size of the PIP video inside the frame.

Crop the PIP video: If there are some unwanted borders in the video that are looking bad, use the crop option to cut them. 

Mask the base video: To arrange both videos side-by-side, click on the “mask” and then select the vertical line.

5 2

Refine the mask line: To get an equivalent space between the films, use two fingers to rotate them accurately and position the blue line in the center.

6 1

Give a final touch to the video: If you want to add anything else to your video, use Inshot’s editing options like effects, speed adjustment, music, and text overlay. The final touch to the video has its importance as it makes the video more attractive. 

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Export video: Tap the export button to save your video and adjust the preferred settings among resolution, frame rate, and other options. 


This method is good for creating social media content or casual presentations, as it lets you quickly add your two videos.

Start a new project: First, open Inshot and tap “Photo” or “Video.”

Adjust canvas Size: You have to choose a wider format that gives you enough space to add two videos side by side, such as 16:9.

Add The First Video: Click the upload button and select your first video, but ensure the video does not fill the whole area. A little space must be there to upload the second video easily. 

Add The Second Video: There are two possible ways to add a second video. Either you can upload the video directly from the gallery or use PIP. 

Resize and position: Adjust and position both of the videos so that both these videos make a slight overlapping on the sides and create side by side effects.

Crop Videos: If extra video content needs to be removed, use a crop tool to adjust the length. You can also use this feature to adjust the sides of the videos.

Enrich Your Creation: If you are willing to add text overlay, music, or speed adjustment to improve the quality of your video, you can do it by exploring Inshot’s editing options. 

Export Your Video: The video is final when you feel that you have made all the adjustments. Then, click on the export button to save your video.

What Are Some Additional Things I Keep In Mind While Putting Two Videos Side By Side?

There is no rocket science or hard and fast rule in putting two videos side by side; it’s really easy to do. But there are some important things that you must know while doing the process.

To make your presentation accurate and attractive, ensure the length of both videos is the same. Use trim tools to make your videos equal if you find that the length of both videos differs.

Explore Mask Customization

The mask tool discussed in the method is available in different sizes and colors. Try to use it differently to add a unique customization to the video.

Add The Border Between Videos

To make the videos visually separate, apply a border or divider between the videos. You will find the divider in Inshot’s editing features.

Using these amazing techniques and Inshot’s extensive editing toolkit will help you create captivating and visually stunning presentations that will attract your audience. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Absolutely! InShot provides two options: Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Mask for exact control or resize and overlap films for a faster solution.

The PIP and Mask method offers more control over video placement and masking, which is ideal for professional-looking presentations. The resize and overlap method is quicker and simpler, suitable for casual content.

InShot’s editing tools allow you to trim both videos to match the shorter length for a seamless side-by-side presentation.

Yes! InShot provides features like music, video speed adjustments, text overlays, and various effects to personalize your creation.

Once you’ve finished editing, tap the export icon (arrow pointing up) and choose your preferred settings, like resolution and frame rate, before saving the final video.


Knowing the technique of putting two videos side by side in InShot will greatly improve your editing abilities. Whether you like the precise control of the PIP and Mask approach or the speed and ease of resizing and overlapping films, InShot provides versatile tools for both professional and informal results. But the main thing is to keep the video size equal, investigate mask customization, and create visual separators for a professional presentation.

You can easily add music, effects, and text overlays and apply many other features to your video with the help of InShot’s user-friendly interface and vast editing toolbox. At last, I hope you know how to put two videos side by side in inshot. 

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